Welcome to the inaugural Strategic Comms Awards, part of the CorpComms Awards.

This new awards programme recognises the increased importance of annual and sustainability reports.

No longer is an annual report simply a record of an organisation’s year end accounts, instead it is an integral part of its strategic communications that records progress against several key non-financial measures.

The Strategic Comms Awards offers companies the opportunity to enter their annual report in the relevant category for either 2020 or 2021, or both.

Or they can enter their annual report as normal but then ask for special consideration to be given for their work on several key measures, including:

  • Best integration of ESG
  • Most meaningful use of SDGs
  • Most meaningful use of materiality
  • Best use of purpose as a business driver
  • Most effective alignment with TCFD
  • Best approach to diversity and inclusion reporting

Or they can simply enter the section of their report of which they are most proud against the appropriate measure.

A new approach deserves a new event.

Details and dates to follow.

Best of luck

Fee per entry: £280+VAT
Additional fee for special consideration categories, ie Best integration of ESG: £100+VAT
EXTENDED DEADLINE: 28 September 2021

Awards Nominations Close